Applications in QasTools support localization/translation in most places. If you like to contribute or extend a translation feel free to proceed with the following steps which show a basic translation workflow.

For translation a few additional tools are required:

  • lupdate
  • linguist

These are from Qt and usually can be found in the Qt development tools package.

  • texteditor

Your favourite text editor. Gnome's geany or KDE's kate should work well.

Step 1: Preparation

Download the latest source tarballs from and unpack

tar -xvjf qastools_X.Y.Z.tar.bz2
cd qastools_X.Y.Z

Step 2: Desktop file translation

The fields GenericName and Comment in .desktop files support translation.

texteditor qasconfig/share/application.desktop
texteditor qashctl/share/application.desktop
texteditor qasmixer/share/application.desktop

Step 3: Localization database update

This reads all new strings from the source code and puts the into the localization database of your language.

  • Note: xy in app_xy.ts must be replaced with your language code.
    For example app_de.ts is the german localization file.
lupdate i18n/ -ts i18n/ts/app_xy.ts

Step 4: Application compilation

mkdir build install
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install
make -j8

Step 5: Application translation and test

linguist ../i18n/ts/app_xy.ts
make install

Start over with linguist until you're happy with the translation.
When finished feel free to clean obsolete strings with

lupdate ../i18n/ -ts ../i18n/ts/app_xy.ts -no-obsolete

Step 6: Submitting the translation

When you're happy with the translation send these files


to the development mailing list:

Translators are welcome to subscribe to the list.
There isn't much traffic and translation requests for new version will be posted there.

The list subscription and login page is here:  |  Imprint