pakdirfs is a fuse based read only filesystem that mounts the contents of multiple pk3/zip files and plain directories into a single directory.

It is useful for analyzing the content of games and other applications which store their data in pk3/zip files.

A very short and incomplete list of games that use this kind if archivation method includes the following titles:

Latest news


pakdirfs 0.3.0 released


  • fixed support for symbolic links

pakdirfs 0.2.0 released


  • massive pk3/zip file loading speedups
  • supports for .pk3dir directories
  • reading of files with zero size doesn't fail anymore

pakdirfs 0.1.0 released

  • First release
  • Supports loading of multiple zip and zip64 files
  • Supports loading of plain directories
  • Release version 0.1.0

News history

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