Latest release

This is the source for the latest stable release.

All current and older release files can be found at the sourceforge project page.

Development version

The current development version resides in a mercurial repository at sourceforge.

A local clone of the development repository can be created by calling

hg clone pakdirfs-hg

This will create a new folder pakdirfs-hg in the current directory.

To compile and run pakdirfs create an install and a build directory and run cmake and friends there.

cd pakdirfs-hg
mkdir build
mkdir install
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install
make -j8
make install
../install/bin/pakdirfs --help

After a change in the development repository the local repository can be updated by calling

cd pakdirfs-hg
hg pull
hg update

It's safer to also update the build cache before rebuilding

cd build
make rebuild_cache
make -j8
make install
../install/bin/pakdirfs --help  |  Imprint