Fractal-Miner is a multithreaded Mandelbrot set image viewer developed for a Linux desktop OS like Debian.

It is written entirely in the C++/17 language using the Qt 5 library and OpenGL for graphics processing.

For more details please have a look at the features page.

Latest news


Fractal-Miner rewritten from scratch for C++/17 and Qt 5

Fractal miner has been rewritten from scratch to utilise advanced features of C++/17, Qt 5 and Opengl.

  • A new GUI written in the QML scripting language replaces the older QWidget based one.
  • The new tile rendering engine is more capable and improves the distribution of render tiles among the available CPU cores.
  • Tiles are uploaded to the GPU as iteration counts which reduces the amount of data that has to be transferred to the graphics memory.
  • Colorizations is performed on the GPU by using OpenGL Shaders. In combination with a selectable color palette this allows realtime color cycling and advanced color blending effects.
  • The source code is hosted in a git repository at gitlab.org.

Fractal Miner 0.3.4 released


  • Responsiveness improvements. OpenGL waits for every frame to finish.

Fractal Miner 0.3.3 released


  • Auxiliary file installation fixes
  • CMake package building script changes
  • Packages for Debian lenny and squeeze

Fractal Miner 0.3.2 released


  • Nicer export image size selection
  • Fix for a possible glitch during color scheme changing
  • Some GUI styling
  • CMake package building scripts

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