QasTools is a collection of desktop applications for the Linux sound system ALSA.

At the current stage it contains two mixer applications and a configuration browser.

Check the applications list for an overview of what's included.

Latest news


QasTools 0.17.2 released


  • Compiler error and warning fixes for gcc-4.7

QasTools 0.17.1 released


  • Painting fixed for Qt 4.8

QasTools 0.17.0 released


  • all: setting names for state save/restore changed/regrouped
  • all: smart main window sizeHint() to get a useable window size after leaving fullscreen
  • all: new dialog base classes
  • all: new common info dialog - uses QListView page selection intead of tabs
  • shared: device selection style tweaks: selected item now emphasized by a thin frame
  • shared: device selection style tweaks: Rounded selection area
  • shared: use QSplitter instead of QDockwidget for device selection view.
  • It couldn't be detached anyway and size restoring works more reliable.
  • shared: more functionality sharing among applications (window size calculation, etc.)
  • qasconfig: settings directory changed to shared ~/.config/qastools/ (was ~/.config/qasconfig/)
  • qasconfig: new basic command line options (--version, --help, etc.)
  • qashctl: new basic command line options (--version, --help, etc.)
  • qasmixer: settings dialog based on common dialog class
  • qasmixer: settings dialog label tweaks
  • qasmixer: new application icon

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